Friday, January 14, 2011

Day Eleven and other

I have come to a realization. This blog is boring. I am pretty sure that my calorie and exercise habits are not actually interesting to anyone, but I still want you here so I am going to try and give you a little enticement to come on over. I am going to start posting yummy, healthy recipes and maybe even some fitness ideas you can use. Now to the hum-drum of it all...

Day Eleven
I was SO snacky yesterday! Luckily I had fairly a fairly low cal breakfast and lunch so I could afford it, but I hate that feeling where all I want to do is snack, but I know I shouldn't. Ug. I hit the treadclimber and did some yoga so I got my exercise in. I think it is getting easier for me to go home and work out now that I have been doing it consistently for a bit. I don't dread it as much anymore so I am super happy to be working past that milestone.

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  1. Yesterday sucked for me! I think my calories where too low during the day so when I went to the gym last night I had NO energy and no desire/motivation to run. I also was starving at 9pm and didn't eat wisely. Luckily, today is a new day and I went to Zumba at 8am and it was great. I've snacked on carrots today instead of sweets and upped my water intake. I'm also switching Thursday to a no gym day since Craig gets back from Cedar late and I'll just try to walk outside with the kids instead.
    I know the blog isn't super exciting but knowing you'll be posting and I'll be commenting helps me be more accountable! So i'm happy to look at your "boring" blog each day :)