Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Two

Here's how I did:

My work out today was much different than yesterday.  I knew we were going to dinner with some friends and I didn't want to get all nasty sweaty but I knew I wouldn't have much time afterward so I took a different approach.  I decided to vacuum.  Instead of just walking the vacuum forward I lunged every time.  I ended up doing 63 lunges. Then I vacuumed the stairs.  I started by carrying the vacuum to the top stair and vacuumed it.  Then I carried it to the bottom of the stairs, and back up, and back down two stairs to vacuum the next one.  Then I did it again, down, up, back down a little, vacuum. Down, up, back down a little, vacuum. 15 times carrying the vacuum.  We also helped my cousin move into his new place, a second floor apartment, so I did those stairs a half dozen or so times as well.  My legs are dead. I didn't get moving at work as much as I should have so I guess that will be my challenge for myself for tomorrow, get up and get moving.  I think I will go get myself a pedometer so I can actually see how much I am moving at work.  I want to get some wrist and ankle weights too so I can get a little more benefit from my everyday activities.

I hit my water goal again today so I am pretty excited about that, but I cut it really close on my calories.  I only had 14 calories to spare after dinner. I'm still under, but I would prefer to have a little more breathing room.  I guess that's what I get for having a big ol' plate of steak nachos for lunch! We went to Applebees for dinner and I was so glad they had the low cal options.  I actually checked out all the nutrition information on their website before we went so I could make the best decision for my needs today.  Coming in at only 360 calories I got the grilled shrimp with island rice and it was tasty!

I just want to say thanks to everyone following here.  I really wanted to cheat on my calories today, maybe snag a few Oreos or something, but I didn't dare crap out on day two with all of you watching.  So thanks!

That was my day, how did you do?



  1. Cassie what an awesome idea to be so accountable to staying fit! You are inspiring. Well you asked how I did today... I ran a mile and a half. :) And instead of eating ice cream for dessert I drank a BIG glass of apple juice. So I guess that's a good start! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yesterday I locked my keys in my office (so my car spent the night there) and instead of Austin dropping me off at work, I jogged there instead this morning. (It's only two miles so it made it probable). It was fun, even though I've been nasty and sweaty all day. Good job Cass, 60 lunges is A LOT!