Friday, January 7, 2011

Day five

I sucked with exercise today!  I didn't do anything when I got home from work and then we had friends over so I couldn't exactly just bust out the yoga, but while we were deciding between a movie and a game I strapped on the ankle weights and did stairs for 5 minutes.  I have been doing something with my legs everyday even if it is small so I am hoping for some nice leg benefits.
I didn't do too bad on my calories, I ended up with about 100 to spare.  I didn't do as well on my water as I did yesterday though.  I'm about a quart low as of now, but I'm hoping to make some of that up before I head to bed.
You won't be hearing from me again until Monday, but I am just taking a short blog break, not a fitness break. Good luck to everyone over the weekend!

That was my day, how was yours?

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  1. Your legs will be so toned, that's great. I have never done Zumba, I am not the most graceful when it comes to moving my hips. Saturday I went 4 miles, and jogged 3 of them. This morning I went three miles and jogged 2.5 of them. I am getting ready for the Moab relay and for the past year and half my knees have never let me jog over about a mile and half. About three weeks ago I saw an ad on facebook about how pilates can help your IT band, so I googled which exercises they were, and I am SOOOOOOOOO happy because I really think they are working. It's all about working the hip and side leg muscles, and hamstrings to compensate for the muscles used while running and balance out your legs. I still can't go over three miles without them hurting, but that's twice as long as I could before. I think I'm really finding a solution I am so excited.