Monday, January 17, 2011

Days 12-15

Friday- I had to take it easy with my calories for breakfast and lunch because I knew we were going out for dinner and I wouldn't have many low cal options. I also knew I wouldn't have time to work out if I didn't get up early and do it in the morning, which I didn't. In the end even with no exercise and a going out to eat I still did well on my calories.

Saturday- I did nothing active on Saturday! Unless you count going to Costco active. Oh, and I went over on my calories by a little. I am going to go ahead and say oh, well it was the weekend. Not a great attitude to have, but I do think it is okay to take a day for yourself sometimes as long as you don't do it too often and don't go way far off the fitness path.

Sunday- I am not 100% sure how I did with my calories cause I didn't track them exactly, but even though I ate WAY too much for lunch I don't think I went over much if any. And as with all Sundays, no exercise.

Monday- So far today I have almost 2 hours of exercise in and most of my water, and the day is only half done. Aaron is going to put me through a good work out on the Bowflex tonight and I want to do Yoga today. With all that exercise and good eating choices today I should be great on my calories.

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  1. I started potty training Alethia on Saturday and that is all I've done since then! I'm planning On going tomorrow morning. My calories have been good except for Sunday. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning.